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*Please Note: We do charge an extra cleaning fee for those who choose to bring their pets.


A $500.00 bond is required to be held by us and will be returned to you within 2 days of departure if there are no damages found.  


And please be aware that if your dog chews the blinds, urinates on the furniture or walls, or does damage of any nature to the property you will need to pay for these additional cleaning, repairs, and or replacement.


We are pleased to provide an opportunity for your pet to holiday with you, as long as you have obtained prior written approval from us. To obtain this approval please provide a recent photograph of your pet/s by return email. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Guests and Pets.  

The cottages are used by all, including those that don't bring pets. The next guest will not appreciate finding signs of your pet inside or outside the cottage.


Your pet MUST BE well behaved. We highly recommend flea and tick protection, particularly in the tick season. The property is primarily grassland and your pet may pick up a tick. Fleas will be most unwelcome.  

Please keep your pet out of the bedrooms at all times, and please keep your pet off the furniture. If your pet is a lounge lizard, then please bring a cover and use it on the chair. Please consider our cleaners, and the next guests, and clean up any signs of your pet within the Cottage, such as paw prints on the floor, shed hair, etc.  

You will need to bring your own pet food, food bowls and bedding. 

Please bring your own litter bags and watch where your pet unloads, and you must collect its offerings. Just like you, the next guest will not appreciate stepping on landmines. Please don't let your male pets piddle on the corners of the buildings or the veranda posts! Please place used litter bags into the garbage receptacles. Please don't leave them in the Kitchen Bin or around the property.  

The property is 5.5 acres of cleared and fenced land. In general, the fences are farm fences and are not dog proof. You may let your pet run free on the property (as long as it returns to you when called), however, if you do, please supervise it at all times. This is a rural area with cows and other stock on working properties and some of the neighbors will take a dim view to your dog in their paddocks.  

The cottages are on tank water, and this is a limited source, so please don't play with your pet and the garden hose. Swimming pools on the property are provided exclusively for guests  NO PETS  are allowed in the pool area and are definitely not allowed to swim in the swimming pool. 

In general, your pet is to be supervised at all times, you are to keep the cottage and grounds clean, and be mindful of guests in adjacent cottages. Don't let your pet roam free unsupervised, as it could get itself into trouble if it strays outside the boundary fence. There are wallabies and kangaroos that visit the property from time to time, and they may ruin your pet’s day if it tries to chase them. We have a program of attracting the native birds for your enjoyment, and they ARE NOT pet food!  

Please remember we are a pet-friendly holiday destination which means you get to bring your pet with you on holiday. We are not a pet minding facility. No pets can be left behind for the day to bark and annoy other guests when you go out. They need to go out with you just like your children do.  

The owners and operators of Jacaranda Co ages Pty Ltd at Jacaranda Cottages Trust and Jacaranda Foundation accept no responsibility whatsoever for your pet. You understand that you bring your pet at your own risk, and you agree that you accept sole responsibility for your pet and its actions.  

Address: 158 Teutoberg Ave, Witta (via Maleny) QLD 4552

Phone: (07) 5435 8183


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